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Monitoring & Measuring of Giant Clam Farming in 'Atala SMA Community

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Title:  Seeding Training, Training of new  farmers  and  distribution of spats - Ha'apai Islands Objectives: 

  • Improve skills and  enhance knowledge  of the  Ha'apai Mabe Pearl  Association  in  seeding procedures and  activities 
  • Increase number of  seeded  pearl  oysters for  more end  product during harvest 
  • Training of new  pearl  farmers  whereby  pearl  farmers  are  taught the  right  procedures to  setting up and operating a pearl  fam
  •  Establish 2 new  pearl  lines
  • Increase  and  improve capacity of  Pearl  Farmers and  potential  new  farmers •  Increase production  for  the Ha'apai Mabe Pearl  farmers
  •  Distribution of spats 


1.  29  Sept 2021  - Meeting with  the Ha'apai Mabe Pearl Fann  Association The  purpose of  the  meeting with the  Ha'apai Association was  a  brief overview of the seeding training and 
a short  introductory establishment between  the  Project  Aquaculture Lead  and  the Association.  Siaosi  Vi lead  the  meeting by  updating the association  reasons  for  the delays in  the  training and  any  hold on  the work  towards  the  Mabe  Pearl  farms.  Providing that a  lot of the work  was  on  hold due to  cabinet submission for  declaration of new  additional Aquaculture Area  and  declaration of existing SMAs as aquaculture areas to  allow farmers  to  carry  out their activities. A brief update from  the  association together with  questions was  brought forward  during the meeting. 

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