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Vava'u Pearl Fann Association - Koloa & Makave SMA committee @ community - 'Utulei SMA community
  • Mabe Pearl  Training Activities -  Distribution  of spats -  Training  of new  farmers  on  farm  management -  deploy  new  pearl  longlines -  Seeding  training -  Harvesting  of pearls -  Harvest  spat  from  Ministry's spat  collector for  distribution -  Spat  culture  technique  for  support  staff 
  • Sea  cucumber Cage  culture  farming -  Establish  of2  sea-cucumber  cages:  Makave  & Koloa  Community -  Stocking  of sea  cucumber to  farm  cage 

  • The main purpose  of this travel is to support  pearl farming  industry in Vava'u for the sustainable produce of Mabe pearl in Vava'u and  also,  to  install new fanning  system of sea cucumber   (golden sandfish) with in the SMA  communities.  Several meetings   held with the Vava'u Pearl Association and pearl farmers  as well as SMA  communities prior the training and  farm  installation. The outcome of this travel and  trainings includes:

Increase and improve   capacity of Pearl farmers

Sustainability of Mabe Pearl farming  in Vava'u

Improve skills and enhance knowledge  of the Vava'u Pearl  Farm  Association in terms of seeding procedures and management  activities

•     Increase number of seeded  pearl oysters and improve  quality of end product  (increase production)

•     Building capacity of SMA  communities about aquaculture development  and farming  activities with in their respective  SMAs

•     Increase awareness and knowledge  of communities about potential farming commodities  in their SMAs

•     Engagement of SMAs on  alternative livelihoods through aquaculture

1. Pearl oyster spat transfer and distribution  and pearl line deployment.

  • A total of  980 spat of age 2- & 3-yeai·-old,   with size 2 to 4 inches APM  were prepared from Tongatapu and   transfer (air  freight)  to  Vava'u  on the  14111   June   2022. 

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